Barack Obama Gains More Republican Support, Including From Charles Fried, a John McCain Adviser

The Democratic nominee is palling around with McCain supporters.

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Our "Five Things" today (over in the center column of the U.S. News opinion page, to the right of the Thomas Jefferson Street blog) is a list of major Republicans who have endorsed Barack Obama. Little did we realize how quickly the list would grow today.

Sure, Scott McClellan endorsing Obama probably won't come as a surprise in some conservative circles. And those same folks probably won't be taken aback at former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld's approval of the Democratic nominee.

But here's my favorite of the day: Charles Fried, a former solicitor general under Ronald Reagan, has endorsed Obama. Here's the kicker: Fried was an active member of John McCain's campaign as recently as last month, serving on a pair of campaign advisory committees (hat tip to TPM).