Why Are Polls So Screwy?

This much is clear: Obama's ahead.

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Does anyone else find the most recent batch of poll numbers mystifying? Take Ohio. Two different polls released today give Barack Obama a double-digit lead (12 points and 14 points). A third poll, released yesterday, had Obama up there by 4 points. Does anyone really think that Obama is up a dozen points in Ohio? Pennsylvania seems more consistent, with five different polls released today showing Obama with a 10 to 13 point lead.

National polls are the worst—eight different polls came out today, including three from Gallup alone, and they put the race at everywhere from 1 point (Obama up, 45-44) to a dozen points (Obama, 52-40). If you drop those two polls, there is some consistency—Obama seems to be hanging around the 48 to 50 neighborhood, while McCain stays mired in the 45 to 46 area.

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