Obama and the Republican Machine's Voter Fraud Hoax

The Republicans' record on voter fraud is thin.

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I read with interest Bonnie's post about Obama, ACORN, and allegations of voter fraud. While I don't claim expertise on ACORN specifically, I am always leery when I hear GOP claims of voter fraud because, as Josh Marshall has noted previously, they're mostly nonsense.

Marshall writes today: "The Republican party is grasping on to the ACORN story as a way to delegitimize what now looks like the probable outcome of the November election. It is also a way to stoke the paranoia of their base, lay the groundwork for legal challenges of close outcomes in various states and promote new legal restrictions on legitimate voting by lower income voters and minorities. The big picture is that these claims of 'voter fraud' are themselves a fraud, a tool to aid in suppressing Democratic voter turnout."

He goes into more detail—his entire post is worth a read.