GOP Lawmakers Who Voted Against the Financial Crisis Bailout Because of Pelosi? Sounds Like a Myth

Sticks and stones may break their bones, but did Pelosi's words really hurt them?

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Sam seems to buy into the GOP talking point that Nancy Pelosi was to blame for the Wall Street bailout flameout on the Hill yesterday. Sam should know better.

Yes, Pelosi's speech was dumb and unnecessary, but the notion that it so wounded GOP legislators' tender feelings that they reversed their vote is insulting to the House Republicans who voted "no." It implies that on an issue of enormous national importance they were willing to either follow their party leaders and vote "yes" on a bill they thought was a politically unpopular and substantively disastrous step down the path toward socialism—or were willing to take down a historic bill that they supported because Nancy Pelosi was mean.

Here's the rub: Maybe I've missed it, but I've yet to see the GOP legislator who says they switched their vote because of Pelosi. Help me out, readers—has any such House member come forward? (Or are they hanging out in the House cloak room with the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Muslim Barack Obama?) Post your answers in the response section after the jump.