Lounging With the Media in Denver

A look at the accommodations for reporters covering the convention.


DENVER—But enough about national politics, let's talk about the media's other favorite subject...the media.

If you haven't, I commend to you Paul Bedard's Washington Whispers item on the grub available to the various hard-working journalists here, and especially the shabby treatment being inflicted upon my old Globe colleagues.

What the Globies should do is check out the media lounge.

We're all housed in one of several airplane hangar-sized media tents. They're air-conditioned (sort of), but nature's call entails a trip to a line of porta-potties (appropriately stationed near a tour bus with the traveling "Bush's Legacy" museum). Media organizations' work spaces are separated with blue curtains.

Right in the middle of this construct is the Media Lounge, ably sponsored by Metro Denver. In addition to hot food, cold soda, and cold beer (Coors, natch), the lounge provides journalists with massaging recliners, actual masseuses (hands and neck), and Wii bowling.

And you can have customized "Elect [Insert Your Name]" buttons made.

Not a bad set-up. I'll report next week about the scene at the GOP confab.