Welcome to the New USNews.com Opinion Section

Welcome to the relaunch of USNews.com's opinion section.


Welcome to the relaunch of USNews.com's opinion section.

You're reading our new blog, which features contributions not only from U.S. News regulars like Michael Barone and Bonnie Erbe, but some new voices like veteran reporters Sam Dealey and Jack Farrell as well as political editor Morgan Felchner and me. It should be a stimulating mix of opinions. I suspect everyone will find something they like here—not to mention something with which you'll disagree.

Over in the right-hand column you'll find a new mix of op-eds, including not only familiar U.S. News columnists like Gloria Borger and MortZuckerman, but an array of new writers as well. All of the writers will have this in common: provocative, thoughtful and intellectually honest arguments.

In the middle you'll find quick-hit things that should be entertaining, informative or, hopefully, both.

It is, as Lou Reed once sang (or is that said?), the beginning of a great adventure, and it's one on which we embark with a spirit of—to borrow FDR's great phrase—bold, persistent experimentation. Let us know how we're doing.