Peter Roff

March 2012

Paul Ryan Leads the GOP with 'Path to Prosperity'

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House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan unveiled Tuesday a budget for the federal government that puts America back on a "Path to Prosperity."

The Ryan budget is a blueprint for reform of the U.S. federal government, proposing changes in everything from Medicare to the United States Department of ...

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Ryan, Paul
deficit and national debt
federal budget
Obama administration
Republican Party
Paul, Rand
Lee, Mike

Pat Boone Blasts Obamacare's IPAB

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On of the most controversial parts of the new Obamacare law is the 15-member Independent Payments Advisory Board, also known as IPAB.

Able to act without congressional approval, the board is empowered to dictate what constitutes "necessary care" for those who participate in Medicare, the nation's ...

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health care reform
health care
senior health
Stabenow, Debbie
Brown, Sherrod
Tester, Jon
McCaskill, Claire
Nelson, Bill

Leave a Light on for 'Earth Hour'

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The modern environmental movement believes that mankind's activities need to be regulated by government. Increasingly, they attack the engines of productivity in the name of "health" and "safety," arguing that what man must do to survive and prosper is bad for the planet. Its agenda is largely ...

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