The Left Smells Blood in the Susan G. Komen Fight

Planned Parenthood's supporters are not satisfied with what most would consider a "win" for their side.


Last week, when the Susan. G Komen for the Cure foundation announced it would no longer fund a group of Planned Parenthood affiliates, it set off a firestorm.

Prolife groups hailed the move while supporters of Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider, began an attack on Komen that ultimately proved effective. By Friday, Komen announced through its founder, former U.S. Ambassador Nancy Brinker, that existing grants would in fact continue and that the group would retain its eligibility to apply for additional funding in the future.

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The folks at Komen probably thought that would be the end of things, but they underestimated the avaricious nature of Planned Parenthood's supporters, who clearly are not satisfied with what most commentators consider a "win" for their side—as an E-mail sent by makes clear.

Komen, the E-mail said, had not yet made it clear "they will continue funding Planned Parenthood beyond this year. In fact, a Komen board member said yesterday that Komen refuses to commit to funding breast screening and mammogram referrals at Planned Parenthood in future grant cycles," while pointing out that what MoveOn called "the anti-choice, anti-gay vice president they recently hired" remains at the organization.

In a cyberspace version of what writer Tom Wolfe called "Mau-mauing the flak catchers," MoveOn has started an online petition, which they say they'll deliver to Komen on today, insisting that Komen commit now to fund the same services they have been funding in the future.

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It's not enough for them that Komen has returned to the status quo ante position; they must now make an act of contrition, to promise to keep the money flowing no matter what and, apparently, to fire the employee the feminocracy has fingered as the person responsible for the policy change.

If this is about women's health it is only tangentially so. It's really about the requirement for orthodoxy where abortion is concerned. The feminocracy cannot allow any organization involved in the women's health issue to be seen to be breaking ranks on the issue of legal abortion. They cannot allow for freedom of thought or freedom of conscience lest the hegemony of their position among the cultural elites be jeopardized.

The Komen fund probably thought its reversal of position would bring the controversy to an end. It was wrong. The pressure from the left, now that they have demonstrated weakness, is only starting.

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