Herman Cain Is Not Going to Drop Out

Reports of the demise of the Cain campaign are premature.


By now it is positively trite to say that Herman Cain's presidential bid has been rocked by allegations of sexual indiscretions. After initially seeming to have weathered the storm, Cain's numbers have fallen and pollsters are reporting that a measurable portion of his support is moving to other candidates.

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It is curious that everything under discussion somehow relates to the period of time during which he was head of the National Restaurant Association, a Washington, D.C.-based trade group. Nothing has surfaced concerning the lion's share of his career in the private sector—at Pillsbury, at Burger King, or while he was CEO of Godfather's Pizza. Nor have any credible complaints been made concerning the period after he left the NRA—which to some people gives credence to the idea the whole thing has been a political hit masterminded by one of the other Republicans running for president but in a way in which no fingerprints can be found.

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The issue now is whether or not the Cain campaign continues. Much of the media is speculating that it will end, perhaps as soon as tomorrow, when Cain has a planned sit-down with his wife of 43 years about what to do next.

The speculation is understandable but ill-advised; Cain's campaign will continue says chief strategist Mark Block—an assertion backed up by an aggressive E-mail campaign underway to its supporters. Claiming they plan on "rolling at full steam ahead to victory," the campaign is trying to identify and connect volunteers who can help keep him competitive in the early primary and caucus states.

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"Can you travel? Join Herman Cain on the campaign trail this December and January!" says the message sent that went out Thursday.

We are encouraging people who believe in Herman Cain's vision to get on board and take an active role in electing the next Republican president of the United States of America. To do this we are reaching out to people who can travel to one or more of the early primary states and help in the state's respective caucus or primary.

The reports of the campaign's demise, therefore, seem premature; it looks like the only place Herman Cain is going is Iowa.

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