Even Democrats Know Obama's Jobs Plan Puts Politics over Country

Democrats used to be the party of "tax and spend;" now they just spend.

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It used to be that the Democrats were the party of "tax and spend." Now, thanks to Barack Obama, they're becoming the party of "spend."

Seriously. He and his Democrats spent $800 billion on a pork-laden stimulus package that did such a poor job of creating jobs the White House was forced to talk about the number of jobs it "saved." Now they're at it again, trying to push a $500 billion pork-laden, regulation heavy stimulus bill through Congress by calling in a "jobs bill" and demanding a vote on it before people can read what's in it.

It doesn't matter that the economy's not growing or that money is not coming into the U.S. Treasury like it needs to right now. The federal debt to GDP ratio is one to one but Obama and his partisan colleagues just want to spend, spend, and spend some more. There are a few Senate Democrats that are resisting—and Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid won't bring the bill up for a vote—but their resistance is probably born more out of a fear of the electoral consequences when they face the voters next year rather than out of an understanding that it's just bad policy.

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This tension between what the Democrats in the Senate think they want and what Obama thinks he needs to win re-election next year has not gone unnoticed. American Crossroads, a GOP-leaning organization of considerable influence, is remarking on it in a new web video, Democrats Anonymous that argues, "It's okay to disagree with the president, it's okay to be skeptical because you know it's not going to fly."

The group said in a release:

As the president seeks to open a conflict with Congress as he runs for re-election—as Harry Truman did in 1948—the strategy requires throwing his former colleagues in the Democrat-controlled Senate under the bus in order to work.

Also weighing in is Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, who is going at the Democrats hammer and tongs over their refusal to bring up an important piece of legislation, proffered by a president of their own party.

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"For the past three weeks, President Obama has been racing around the country trying to rally public support for a second stimulus bill and demanding that Congress pass it ‘right away,'" McConnell said. "The president has not been demanding that Congress debate the bill or be allowed to amend the bill. He has demanded—in no uncertain terms—that we hold a vote on the bill as is, right away." 

McConnell has tried to get the Senate to vote on Obama's proposal as the president wants but the Democrats have repeatedly blocked the chamber from doing so. As he put it, "The president's own party is the only obstacle to having a vote on his so-called jobs bill."

The simply fact is that Obama is more worried about winning re-election than he is about creating jobs. The economy has lost nearly 2 million jobs since the first stimulus was signed into law, and the president and his team are still blaming the previous administration. It is becoming clearer by the day that the former White House insiders who said the administration was lacking in adult supervision were right. And we are all suffering for it.