Democrats Essentially Accuse GOP of Causing Cancer

Really? With all the problems facing the nation, Democrats are worried about disposable dishes?


No one ever said that politics was a gentleman’s game. However, as The Hill newspaper reports, the Democrats may have reached a new low in their attacks on the GOP’s management of the House’s business.

One of the things the Republicans did upon their return to majority status was to curtail the allegedly environmentally-friendly, energy-conscious programs instituted under the regime of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. This included the replacement of the corn-based, compostable dishes and utensils Pelosi ordered to use in the House cafeterias with good, old-fashioned American Styrofoam. [See a roundup of political cartoons on Democrats.]

The change has been largely popular with House staffers, though a small but vocal minority has complained. Now, a group of Democrats have written House Speaker John Boehner, the paper reported Tuesday, complaining about the change.

In a letter to Boehner and other GOP leaders, the Democrats allege the new cups and other materials now being used in the cafeterias "hold chemical components that could cause cancer," suggesting that "the health of visitors to the Capitol could be compromised." [See which members of Congress got the most money from environment industries.]

Really? With all the problems facing the nation, this small group of Democrats think the leadership should be spending time dealing with an issue as small and as silly as this? It boggles the mind.

Never mind that Pelosi’s supposedly energy-conscious program never produced the kinds of savings that were promised. In an effort to rally the radical environmentalists that help make up the party’s political base, the Democrats who have written to Boehner have taken a position just shy of accusing the Republicans of causing cancer. It’s a low blow that would be laughable were it not for the fact that some folks will take it seriously.

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