Boehner to GOP: Focus on Jobs, Even When Talking About Healthcare

His memo outlines a program for creating employment, attacking healthcare overhaul.

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By Peter Roff , Thomas Jefferson Street blog

House Minority Leader John Boehner is urging his Republican colleagues to keep their focus on the need to create jobs--even as they talk about the just-passed healthcare law while meeting with constituents over the Easter break. In a memo, Boehner--who says President Barack Obama "abandoned our founding principle that government governs best when it governs closest to the people"-- outlines a program for job creation that he says members of the GOP should talk up as they attempt to establish a meaningful contrast with the Democratic majority in Congress.

If they regain the majority as the result of the next election, Boehner says, the Republicans will fight to:

• Repeal this job-destroying government overhaul of health care and replace it with solutions that will protect jobs and lower Americans' health care costs.

• Repeal ObamaCare's job-destroying tax hikes and mandates and replace them with common-sense market-based solutions that cover Americans with pre-existing conditions.

• Repeal Medicare cuts that take choices and benefits away from seniors to fund a new entitlement program, and replace them with reforms that strengthen Medicare for seniors today and tomorrow.

• Repeal taxpayer funding of abortion and replace it with laws that respect life.

• Repeal bankrupting unfunded mandates on states and replace them with affordable state-based health care solutions.

• Repeal gimmicks that tax Americans for 10 years and provide benefits for six, and replace them with honest policies where you get what you pay for.

• Repeal the backroom vote-buying practice of using the taxpayers' money to purchase support for controversial legislation, and replace it with the voice of the American people.

• Repeal this government overhaul of health care and replace it with better solutions, such as common-sense reforms that allow young people to remain on their parents' health insurance plan up to their 26th birthday, without job-killing tax hikes and mandates and Medicare cuts that take choices away from seniors to fund a new entitlement program.

Boehner also wrote his colleagues:

"As a result of the sloppy process and embarrassing backroom deals that produced this legislation, we're going to have to come back and fix this bill time and time again in the coming weeks and months to correct flaws and mistakes when we should be working together to create a better environment for American small businesses to save, invest, and hire. For small businesses, the engine of job creation in America, enactment of this healthcare bill means more uncertainty--and uncertainty kills jobs."

Continuing the themes he sounded during his remarks on the House floor at the conclusion of the healthcare debate, Boehner goes on to argue that the Republicans offer "a better solution" to the problems America faces at this critical point in time:

"Our solution showed that it is possible to address all of the healthcare issues Americans want addressed--including coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions, allowing parents to keep their children on their health plans through age 25, allowing Americans to purchase insurance across state lines, and other reforms--in a bipartisan way, without raising taxes, destroying jobs, cutting Medicare to create a new entitlement program, or saddling our children and grandchildren with trillions in new debt."

Boehner concludes by promising that the House Republicans "will continue to stand on principle."

"The American people know there's a better way than the Democrats' job-killing agenda of big spending and bigger government. They want policies that will encourage job creation rather than threaten and destroy jobs; policies that will help ensure a better future for our children rather than saddling them with trillions in new debt. The American people are in charge. And Republicans are listening to the American people."