'Time to Hunt Democrats' Doesn't Help

Gun rights advocates must stop using threatening rhetoric.


This will be short.

So, being the liberal I am I was listening to NPR yesterday just after I debated my weekly sparing partner, Republican Jim Innocenzi, on WTTG-TV here in DC. We went at it on guns. The story on NPR was about the president's trip to Colorado to highlight his effort on universal background checks and to focus on that state's passage of legislation to control guns.

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Here is what I heard, verbatim, from Dudley Brown, head of the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners in Colorado and the NPR announcer:

"This is a very Western state with traditional Western values," he says. "And citizens had to have firearms for self-defense, and right now that's still the case."

…He's promising political payback in next year's election that could cost Colorado Democrats their majorities.

"I liken it to the proverbial hunting season," Brown says. "We tell gun owners, 'There's a time to hunt deer. And the next election is the time to hunt Democrats.'"

Really? After the murders in Kaufman County, Texas and West Virginia of prosecutors and police, he really wants to talk about hunting Democrats, like deer? Is he trying to channel Sarah Palin? Wayne LaPierre, too, I guess. Can we just stop talk of bulls eyes and hunting public officials.

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Come on. No one is taking away the 320 million guns in America; no one is stopping the $12 billion the gun industry makes a year; no one is preventing hunting; no one is taking away your constitutional rights.

Sadly, Dudley Brown and the NRA's answer to gun violence is more guns. What a shame.