Rep. Anthony Weiner Should Resign After Twitter Picture Scandal

This is one guy who loves the limelight, no matter how harsh the bulbs.

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Anthony Weiner should leave. He shouldn’t pass Go; he shouldn't collect $200; he shouldn’t allow more details and revelations to follow him around.

It isn’t just what he did. It isn’t just that he lied about it and how he lied. It isn’t even that there is more to come out, in all likelihood.

It is, of course, what he is doing to the issues and the party he is supposed to care so much about. It is that he is putting himself ahead of all others he is supposed to support and revere. He has created a sideshow that does severe harm to what he is supposed to stand for—and it will not go away. [Read Whispers: Weiner's Sassy Twitter Pals.]

And there is one more thing. What struck me during the whole past week was how much he seemed to revel in the cameras, in the questions, in the “performance”—how he really did believe he was the smartest guy in the room. All the contrition, all the apologies, all the articulate explanations, and even articulate non-explanations, were too much to watch. [Vote now: Should Weiner resign over lewd photos?] 

This is one guy who loves the limelight, no matter how harsh the bulbs. This is one guy who will do anything to make others’ lives more difficult because he relishes being the center of attention.

He wants to be likable, he wants to say just the right thing, he wants to show you how he can explain himself right out of trouble. Sorry, I am not impressed. [Read: Little Evidence Weiner Broke Law in Twitter Photo Scandal.]

Democrats compare this to Vitter and Ensign—I agree, but pointing to them doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. 

The issue for Democrats is, does this guy do more harm than good? Does Weiner detract from the real problems we need to deal with? Does he continue to hog the camera time? Does he continue to become a poster child?

I am afraid the answers to those questions is: Yes.

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