Michele Bachmann Is a Real Face of the GOP and Tea Party

She is not credible as a serious spokesperson, and she does more harm than good to true conservatives.

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Rep. Michele Bachmann clearly has become a real face of the Republican Party as well as the Tea Party, and that is a big problem for House Speaker John Boehner and mainstream Republicans. Thanks to 24/7 cable and the fact that her outrageous statements make good copy, Bachmann can now get on television nearly any time she desires.

The very notion that she was able to secure national television time for her so-called “response” to President Obama’s State of the Union address is laughable. But because of the prominence of the Tea Party and Bachmann’s over-the-top rhetoric, she was out there embarrassing the speaker and most Republicans. [Check out a roundup of political cartoons on the Tea Party.]

She is embarrassing because of her extreme views, her lack of knowledge of history, and her constant and never-ending desire for publicity. But why does she do it? 

Let’s look at a little history here. Watch the tape from 2006 at the Living Word Christian Church in Minnesota, where she says that “God called me to run for the U.S. Congress.” Bachmann maintains that she and her husband fasted and prayed for three days, and at the end of day two, the Lord called her to run. Not only that, but God told her to go to law school, the Lord told her to study tax law at the suggestion, too, of her husband. And, of course, as she maintained on that tape, God says “we should be submissive to our husbands.” This was not a joke. It is one thing to have a strong religious faith, to believe in God, and to live by the values of the Bible, but it is quite another to testify that God is your personal life planner. [See who donates the most money to Bachmann.]

I am afraid she may believe that this may excuse her from making ridiculous statements such as why she wanted members of Congress investigated: “Are they pro-American or anti-American?” Or, “I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous;” or, “Global warming is a hoax, hokum;” or, “There isn’t even one study that can be produced that shows carbon dioxide is a harmful gas;” or our Founding Fathers “worked tirelessly until slavery was no more in the U.S.” Michelle Bachmann’s quotes, factual errors, and outrageous statements could fill volumes.

Fortunately most people who are responsible for creating public policy in America do not take her seriously, do not respect her approach to solving the real problems we face, and do not appreciate her constant drive for the limelight.

My guess is that she is driven more by ego and a desire for TV time than anything else, but as long as she is the “face” of Republicans and the Tea Party, the more dangerous she is to their goals and aspirations. To put it simply, she is not credible as a serious spokesperson, she does more harm than good to true conservatives, and she will be a thorn in the Republicans’ side (let alone the country’s).

Of course, as I write this, Nevada’s crash and burn former Senate candidate, Sharron Angle, is traveling to Iowa and has discussed a presidential run. So, wouldn’t this be rich:  Bachmann and Angle both running for President?!

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