Pat Garofalo

September 2013

The Obama Administration Signs the U.N. Gun Control Treaty, and the NRA Freaks Out

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While Washington was busy watching Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz bloviate during his not-really-a-filibuster, Secretary of State John Kerry was in New York at the U.N. General Assembly signing the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, known as the ATT. This is a long overdue step for the U.S., joining a treaty ...

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gun control and gun rights
international treaties
Kerry, John
human rights

Ted Cruz, Wendy Davis and Rand Paul and the Media’s Filibuster Coverage

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As Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz's faux-filibuster against Obamacare eclipsed its 20th hour, it was almost inevitable that the performance would draw comparisons to another Lone Star State legislator's recent stand: the actual filibuster of anti-abortion legislation by Democratic Texas state Sen.

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Cruz, Ted
Republican Party
Paul, Rand
Affordable Care Act

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