Obama Decision to Delay Keystone Costs Jobs and Energy

The Keystone XL Pipeline represents a new source of secure energy from U.S.'s closest trading partner.

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After more than three years of trying to decide whether the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada was in the "national interest," the Obama administration on Thursday once again delayed the pipeline. By caving to special interest groups, it means the United States will be importing more oil from the Middle East instead of our closest ally. It also means postponing 20,000 shovel-ready jobs.

The Keystone XL pipeline would deliver about 31,500,000 gallons of oil to U.S. consumers daily, reducing the need for imports of an equal amount. It would also create 20,000 jobs in construction alone, and it would create thousands more jobs in refining the oil here in America.

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Oil and natural gas production have been a bright spot in an otherwise dismal economy. One in five new private-sector jobs created since 2003 has been oil- and natural gas-related. It is hard to believe that a president who claims to support American jobs and calls daily for Congress to pass legislation to create more jobs will postpone the private creation of tens of thousands of good-paying American jobs building the Keystone XL pipeline and refining the oil. But the Obama administration doesn't seem to be interested in allowing oil and natural gas companies to create jobs in the private sector.

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The Keystone XL is not just a job and wealth creator for the United States, it represents a new source of secure energy from our largest trading partner, Canada, and will reduce imports from other less secure regions of the world the president says must be reduced. The administration has had more than three years to consider this plan. If the administration delays this already-delayed jobs and energy investment, Americans need to remember this winter, when consumers of home heating oil will be paying the highest prices ever to keep their homes warm.

The president is slapping our No. 1 trading partner, friend, and ally Canada in the face. He should be ashamed of himself. The fact that it will cost jobs, investment, and good faith with our closest ally should worry all Americans.

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