Barack Obama Is the Whiner-in-Chief

The president is blaming his failure on everything but himself.


Rahm Emanuel, President Barack Obama's first White House chief of staff and currently one of his top campaign surrogates, made some hay on this past Sunday's shows saying that Gov. Mitt Romney should "stop whining" about recent attacks on his tenure at Bain Capital. The irony on that spin is rich, given that President Obama deserves the moniker "Whiner-In-Chief."  More than three years into his term, the president still blames his failures on...almost anyone (or thing) but him.

If you ask the president, the sluggish economy—with record under-employment and depressingly stubborn unemployment rates—have nothing to do with him.  Rampant spending, insider deals for campaign supporters (see: Solyndra), and a massive government takeover of our healthcare system resulting in a significant tax increase on the middle class, all happened with the active advocacy and implementation of the Obama administration. Such actions have adversely affected our economy as discussed here and here and here.

While there is plenty of bipartisan blame to go around on spending—just look at the farm bill passed last Wednesday after midnight—no one can miss the shocking irresponsibility of Senate Democrats who have failed to pass a budget for more than three years. President Obama is the undisputed head of the Democratic Party which has clear control of the U.S. Senate. If the president wanted Senate Democrats to pass a budget, it would have occurred. President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid collude in this fiscally irresponsible failure of leadership.

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And yet none of it is the president's fault. In fact, last month, blogger John Giokaris wrote a great post detailing both the failures of President Obama's economic policies and his noticeable penchant for excuses.

As Giokaris memorably opines:

Obama was given a Democrat-majority Congress upon winning the White House in 2008. He got a $787 billion stimulus, a $410 billion omnibus, health care reform, financial regulation reform, and a jobs bill passed within his first 2 years in office, along with increments of quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve. Since then we've racked up a record $15.75 trillion debt, record trillion dollar deficits, a first ever credit rating downgrade, rising inflation, and social safety nets going completely broke within the next 20 years? But where are the jobs? Where's the recovery? Where are all the fruitsof those Keynesian economic solutions?

He then goes on to list the top 25 excuses Obama has used to blame for the high cost/low results world we've been experiencing—including ATM use, bad luck, the weather, and Americans being soft and lazy—and they sound a heck of a lot like whining. Readers will note that George W. Bush shows up as five out of the top 25 entries.

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The American people are struggling. The private sector is not "doing fine." Families that have sacrificed to get their children a college education are now seeing one out of two graduates unemployed or underemployed. People have lost faith with the leadership in Washington and it's going to be difficult for the man who has led that government to keep claiming it is broken without owning at least some responsibility for the situation.   

As we move into the height of the election season, Obama sounds more and more like former President Jimmy Carter who blamed the American people for our economic woes. Even if Obama avoids the infamous term "malaise," he has embraced Carter's blame-everyone-else attitude. President Obama—and our country—would be better served to remember Benjamin Franklin's observation that an individual who is "good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else."