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August 2008

John McCain, the Accessible Underdog of 2000, Has Been Replaced by John McCain, the Slimy Attack Dog of 2008

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In the dog days of August, neither presidential campaign has distinguished itself with positive or useful information for voters. But it is especially sad to see GOP Sen. John McCain forget what made him such a popular figure in the 2000 race.

McCain's television ads have been disingenuous and ...

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McCain, John
2008 presidential election

Gun Control Update: Maryland Teen Stockpiling Guns and the Plans for Bush's Motorcade Route

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For those folks who railed against my stand on gun control (and yes, I read even the insulting ones), there's another sad chapter to this story.

In the Maryland suburbs of Washington, an 18-year-old was found this week with an arsenal of weapons in his basement, along with papers on making bombs and ...

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Bush, George W.
gun control and gun rights

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