John McCain Is the Top Flip-Flopper

McCain supporters suffer from political amnesia when they say Obama is the top flip-flopper.

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Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina declared on Sunday that Sen. Barack Obama would "say anything, do anything" to win in November. However, Graham, the cochair of Sen. John McCain's national campaign, said his man would always put his nation first.

This remarkable and hypocritical accusation was made because Obama had flip-flopped on his vow to accept public money in the fall campaign. It wasn't Obama's finest hour, but Graham was over the top with that zinger.

Graham was apparently suffering from political amnesia. McCain has flip-flopped on taxes and on oil production and its impact on the environment. Clearly, the presumptive GOP nominee has been tipping his hat to the GOP's right-wing base.

As for Graham himself, he was reminded on Sunday's Meet the Press that he had been once been opposed to oil drilling off South Carolina's shores. He has joined McCain now in favor of the drilling because he says the issue has changed.

It is estimated that it would be a decade or so before any offshore drilling would have any impact on the cost of gasoline. In addition, refinery capacity isn't ready.

One of the reasons for the $4-plus price of gasoline at the pump has been our nation's playing pitty-pat with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Bush's father probably saved that country in Desert Storm because Saddam Hussein had his troops massing at its border after seizing Kuwait. The kingdom was in the dictator's sights.

But Bush's son has waited until now to plead with the Saudis for more production. They are going to produce a trickle compared to the need.

They play tough politics in South Carolina. Lindsey Graham should stare in the mirror before he starts talking about the opposition's saying anything or doing anything to win.