Rush Limbaugh, Blowhard

Operation Chaos is really Operation Irrelevance.


There is debatable evidence that right-wing radio and TV commentator Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos" resulted in Sen. Hillary Clinton's narrow victory in Indiana's Democratic primary on Tuesday.

Operation Chaos is Limbaugh's effort to encourage Republican voters to reregister as Democrats or cross over in primaries that permit it, like Indiana's. A vote for Clinton, in Limbaugh's master plan, assures an extended Democratic primary, weakening the eventual nominee.

Of course, the egocentric bloviator is taking full credit for Clinton's win by only 14,000 votes in the Hoosier State. Limbaugh has a knack for taking credit for everything he promotes.

Imagine if the Democrats were conducting such an effort against the Republicans. You can almost hear the cries of "foul play" and worse from Limbaugh and his followers. He would go into hysterics.

Limbaugh craves attention. He got it with a front-page mention on his plan in May 8's Washington Post. He'll be crowing about it for days.

Limbaugh has built a huge audience of true believers. His listeners and viewers love hearing him ridicule and excoriate Democrats and even, now and then, Sen. John McCain.

Limbaugh delights in crushing people. He can dish it out, so let's see if he can take it.

When Mary Mapes, Dan Rather's producer at CBS, was fired over the controversial story of George W. Bush's draft status, Limbaugh ripped into her journalistic ethics. Mapes appeared at a seminar at Middle Tennessee University a few years ago and was asked about his charge.

"I don't need to be lectured on ethics by an obese, thrice-married drug addict,' she said to applause. The latter point was a reference to Limbaugh's problems with pain medication.

As for Limbaugh, he'll probably like this mention of him and his antics, even when it calls for undermining the ballot box.