McCain vs. the Right Wing

Limbaugh, Dobson, etc. claim they can't abide him. How far will he go to appease them?

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It is amusing to watch the Republican right wing stew about whether John McCain is "conservative" enough to warrant its support.

Rush Limbaugh, the radio blowhard, is almost in a frenzy over McCain. Rush certainly can't abide him, so I guess he may want the flip-flop choice, Mitt Romney.

James Dobson, the hard-line preacher, can't stomach McCain. Maybe he could support Ron Paul and persuade him to run as a Libertarian. Democrats should be so lucky.

Grover Norquist, the antitax extremist, is suddenly talking nice after exchanging angry words in the past with McCain. Norquist obviously wants to be an inside player. Color him hypocrite.

John Fund of the Wall Street Journal says McCain was overheard to say Justice Samuel Alito wore his conservatism on his sleeve. The righties went ballistic. Of course, Alito is in the mold of Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. Enough said.

Liberals can be just as rigid as conservatives at times by demanding that Democrats follow them over the gangplank. Lyndon Johnson once said: "I know my enemies. God save me from my friends."

McCain will be put to the test if he secures the GOP nomination and takes more centrist views. The right-wing crowd will be eyeing his every move.

McCain is a conservative by his own definition, but he can be unpredictable. The far right does not like unpredictable or maverick politicians. Maybe McCain should join the John Birch Society to quiet their rants.

There are several reasons to vote against McCain, his unyielding stance on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan just one glaring example. But he is certainly conservative.