Resolved: Less Bush Bashing

But this blogger will continue to go after Cheney if he keeps up talk about war for regime change.

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Even bloggers should make New Year's resolutions. Here are mine for 2008:

  1. I resolve to hammer President Bush a little less because he has already secured his place alongside Warren G. Harding.

  2. I resolve to stay after Vice President Cheney and his neocon friends if he continues his bellicose views about regime change.

  3. I resolve to continue to jump all over the National Rifle Association and its unwillingness to compromise on anything.

  4. I resolve to mention political polls only if they are based on the issues and not on the horse race.

  5. I resolve to follow action or inaction in Congress and be as tough on Democrats as on Republicans. It will be difficult.

  6. I resolve to worry more about the state of newspapers in the country without getting maudlin about it.

  7. I resolve to follow more closely innovations in the 50 states as Congress dawdles in partisan deadlock.

  8. I resolve to blast Republicans who insist on more tax cuts without paying for the billions spent in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  9. I resolve to mention a certain CNN commentator only by his initials—L.D.—if he continues with his so-called newscasts on immigration.

  10. Finally, I wish all readers a happy and healthy New Year. For as my best pal, Chairman Bill Giles of the Philadelphia Phillies, often says: "Life is all about family and friends." He's right.