Bush the Elder Fails in Defense

Admire the father's love and loyalty, but the son's transgressions are too numerous to excuse.

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As President Bush sinks even lower in the polls, it has fallen to his father to defend him. Sorry, Mr. Former President, the love and loyalty toward a son are understandable, but he has made a mess of things, mostly abroad but at home as well.

Bush 41 rarely speaks out or subjects himself to interviews these days. His role as an elder statesman gives him space, he says.

However, the friendly venue of Fox TV beckoned a few days ago, and Bush 41 relented. Seems like all Republicans retreat to Fox when they have something to get off their chests.

Appearing with Chris Wallace, the former president was upset at what Democratic candidates are saying about his eldest.

"Everything George says, wrong. Everything wrong. The president, it's his fault. Tide's going out; it's his fault. Fires are burning; it's his fault. I get a little tired of that."

Forget Bush's scrambled syntax. That's the way he talks.

However, a huge majority of American citizens think Bush 43 is doing a lousy job. The legacy of his eight years is already written—a war based on wrong intelligence by administration higher-ups eager to invade Iraq, a pitiful job of planning for the war's aftermath, and now Pakistan coming apart with a favored general ripping up his Constitution.

At home, just place Hurricane Katrina at the top of your list. Enough said.

Bush 43 still thinks Iraq and the war on terrorism are interlocked. Don't forget nearly all those sadistic killers were Saudis and not one was Iraqi.

Bush concluded that he had respect for his son's "positions and his guts for staying in there."

Again, Mr. President 41, I and many of your fellow citizens strongly disagree. Your son's stubbornness and a total lack of willingness to change course of action have put the country in this position. It takes guts to admit you're wrong now and then. He won't.