A Capital View

October 2007

Bush as Albatross

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With about 15 months left in his presidency, George W. Bush has little time left to:

  • Manage the war in Iraq beyond years of stubborn policy and now rattling sabers over Iran.
  • Prove he is relevant beyond the use of his veto pen and arrogance toward Congress.
  • Save vulnerable Republicans facing the ...
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    Bush, George W.
    2008 presidential election

    Clarence Thomas Spews Out His Anger

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    It was just a matter of time before the pent-up anger in Clarence Thomas came spewing out in a newly published memoir.

    Mr. Justice Thomas has finally let that towering rage go public. Evening scores would be too tame to call most of his tirades.

    Thomas blames racism, the abortion issue, Democratic ...

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    Thomas, Clarence

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