Cindy Sheehan's Pointless Campaign

Taking on Nancy Pelosi is a waste of time and energy; the drive to impeach Bush is a nonstarter.


All of us can empathize with the grief of one who has lost a husband, son, wife, or daughter in Iraq. The death toll has climbed to over 3,200 and does not include the tens of thousands who have been seriously maimed or psychologically scarred.

Cindy Sheehan lost a son; she grieves over his sacrifice in an ill-conceived war.

Now, Sheehan has carried her loss into the political arena. It seems to be more about her now.

Because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, has not led an impeachment battle against the president, Sheehan is running as an independent against her next year in San Francisco.

Of course, Pelosi will easily win re-election. Sheehan has no money and no chance in what amounts to mere symbolism. In addition, Pelosi has been one of the most outspoken critics of the war and was even making her voice heard long before she was elected speaker in 2005.

Pelosi recognizes that impeachment will go nowhere in Congress. Bush has botched the war, but impeachment would be a fool's errand.

You can criticize the speaker on other grounds, but not her inaction on the war. She has led the fight to bring the troops home, including resolutions vetoed by the president.

When Sheehan first organized demonstrations outside Bush's ranch in Crawford, it seemed like a heartfelt move by a mother who had lost her son. A small band of supporters joined her in trying to see the president to register their opposition.

As time went on, the media lost interest and the publicity waned. Sheehan came to Washington to protest further.

You can understand Sheehan's continued anger at Bush. But it is hard to understand her plunge into electoral politics. She has already made a powerful statement for her son. Running against Pelosi, however, makes no sense.