A Capital View

April 2007

How Much Longer in Iraq?

More than four years and $400 billion later, the superhawks on Iraq are calling for more of the same. Forget a political solution, a move even generals on the scene see as the real solution.

Whom are we saving Iraq for? The professionals have fled the country because they have the money to leave.

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Bush's History of Personnel Denial

No president wants to admit he has made poor choices in selecting advisers or appointees to his cabinet or White House.

President Bush, however, has taken this denial to new heights. He even praises them for blunders the public sees right through. Some even get presidential medals. A few ...

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Third-Party Challenge: Don't Even Bother

The political commentators and crystal-ball gazers are already predicting there will most likely be a third-party candidate for president next year. They may be right.

However, it is unlikely that the candidate challenging the two major party nominees will be even marginally successful. The track ...

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Rove's Fingerprints and the Gonzales Fiasco

In the pitiful performance by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in an attempt to save his job, the undercurrent of Karl Rove's role is obvious.

Rove has been behind about every act of political chicanery in President Bush's tenure and while Bush was governor of Texas.

How else can you explainRove's ...

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Guns Kill People. Period.

This writing is not going to earn me any Christmas card from the zealots at the National Rifle Association or best wishes from the unyielding adherents to the Second Amendment.

Guns kill people. Period.

The tragedy at Virginia Tech should open our minds to a problem our nation refuses to confront.

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Bush Sets a Record for Second-Term Fatigue

All two-term presidents seem to suffer from a fatigue factor, but none like what George W. Bush is going through.

The Bush second term has been battered by the never-ending war in Iraq, a failing policy on the environment, a mess on the firings of eight U.S. attorneys, and the self-destruction of ...

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Let's Not Count McCain Out Yet

As the premature judgments on the 2008 presidential race pile up, the media and some pundits need to take a deep breath. Cable TV especially needs to cool down.

Counting Sen. John McCain out of the race this early is absurd. When some rush out with a "this just in" poll showing him trailing Rudy ...

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Yes, Blame Imus, but Spare Me Sharpton

For starters, I am not a fan of Don Imus.

I never watch his TV show except when visiting friends who do. His trademark of making fun of people is galling. He ought to look in the mirror now and then. Too many politicians and journalists are willing to give legitimacy to his program with their ...

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Immigration: It's Time for Parties to Act Like Grownups

Now that President Bush has put immigration back into play with a visit to the Arizona border, it is time for Republicans and Democrats in Congress to act like adults and deal with the nagging issue.

The TV shouting match last week on Fox between Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera on immigration ...

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For Bush, Negotiation With Congress Is a Nonstarter

Rudy Giuliani has suggested that President Bush should negotiate with Congress before vetoing a money bill for Iraq with a troop deadline for withdrawal.

While this comes as a mild surprise from a Republican candidate for president, Mayor Rudy added that a pullout amounts to a surrender.

On talking ...

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In '08, Highest Bidder Wins?

While the presidency in 2008 may not be bought, the candidates are acting as if it could go to the highest bidder.

The top-tier hopefuls in both parties are raising money at a dizzying clip. Campaigning has taken a back seat to fundraisers, with many contributors ponying up $2,300 each at many ...

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