Gonzales Is on Borrowed Time


When a solid and thoughtful conservative like GOP Sen. John Sununu of New Hampshire tells the attorney general it is time to go, it is beyond time.

Alberto Gonzales has lost the support of about everyone except President Bush, and even he is not happy with him.

Gonzales can tough it out, but the message has clearly been sent to him. Where are the ringing voices of support in Congress? They are silent.

Gonzales isn't fooling anyone but himself by standing firm. Hearings on the firings of the U.S. attorneys will only embarrass him and the administration even more.

Gonzales and his pals in the White House have made a huge mess even while the wounded lame-duck president fights a hated war.

I knew I promised not to mention the Wall Street Journal editorial page again, but since I broke a promise on Ann Coulter's litany of hate, the WSJ gets another mention.

In a March 14 lead editorial on firing federal prosecutors, the paper suggested that everyone does it. The Clinton administration and then first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton came in for harsh criticism.

The last paragraph in the long editorial admitted that mistakes were made by Gonzales. In a Democratic administration under similar situation, the WSJ would have been apoplectic in calling for the AG's head. They have selective targets.

And you can always trust the WSJ right-wing edit page to find excuses for Republicans, even for a flawed Mr. Gonzales.