Two GOP New Mexicans Must Go


In our last installment on the controversy surrounding Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, we needed to pay more attention to the behavior of New Mexico Republicans Sen. Pete Domenici and Rep. Heather Wilson.

Their intrusion into the pre-election probe of Wilson's Democratic opponent is just the latest outrage of a party that will do or say anything to win. Eight U.S. attorneys have been fired for not being partisan in the pursuit of justice.

Wilson wound up winning by a scant few hundred votes over Democrat Patricia Madrid. The GOP was so worried about the outcome that the party pressured the U.S. attorney to investigate a matter hardly worth his time.

Then, the prosecutor was fired by Gonzales for failing to dance to the party's tune.

Phone calls by Domenici and Wilson on this matter are now being viewed as possible congressional ethical violations. They should be–and vigorously so.

Domenici's tenure in the Senate has been one of a decent public servant. Perhaps he's been there so long he isn't accountable for his actions. He's up for re-election next year and should pack his bags.

As for Wilson, she will not survive the next election. That is a prediction without hesitation because voters in the Land of Enchantment will surely reject such a tarnished figure running for re-election.

The calls for Gonzales to step down right away are premature. He should be asked under oath to explain the firings, especially if ordered or asked by Karl Rove. There is more to this story than we know.

There is, as we've said, a distinct aroma on this matter. And it stinks to high heaven.