Ann Coulter, Wing-Nut Fraud


When any conservative group invites the venomously tongued Ann Coulter to speak, it is inviting trouble. She is crazed.

She lived up to her billing last week with an incredible attack on former Democratic Sen. John Edwards by implying that he was a "faggot." Thanks, Coulter, for making yourself the clown of the right wing again. The Conservative Political Action Conference should be ashamed for putting her on the program.

Republican candidates for president rushed to condemn Coulter's stupid words directed at the presidential candidate.

For the record, Edwards has a solid marriage to a bright lawyer, and they have a family with two children. The couple lost a teenage son in a car accident.

All of that makes no difference to a character assassin like Coulter. She is an extremist who makes her mark with personal smears and wild charges.

For example, this is the same Coulter who called Joe McCarthy an American hero. She has doted on the communist-under-every-bed senator from Wisconsin of 50 years ago. The word McCarthyism lives today in our language as a note of dishonor.

Of course, Coulter wasn't even born when McCarthy was on his rampage in the country with his wild and unproved accusations of disloyalty. He was eventually censured by the Senate with top Republicans joining in separating themselves from him.

Coulter's books are on bestseller lists, so she obviously appeals to readers of her ilk. You have to wonder about that readership.

In foreign policy, Coulter has actually advocated destruction of what she calls godless countries. The zanier the better for her.

Coulter has also been a speaker on college campuses. If any parents have a son or daughter at a school where she speaks and is paid with student activity funds, they should demand a refund.

She is a fraud.