GOP: A Party of (Bad) Ideas

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President Bush has a knack for providing good material for his critics with his own words. You can't make this up.

At a fundraiser for the Republican Governors Association, Bush said the GOP would regain the majority in 2008 because "it is the party of ideas."

I agree. Bad ideas.

Bush has just asked for an additional $100 billion to finance the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and for security at home. We've already spent $400 billion or so with predictions that that figure is low-balling it.


Despite that outlay, Bush is arguing to make the tax cuts permanent. No sacrifice is needed, although all wars since World War II have required tax increases. Not by this president.

The burden for payment, of course, will be on the backs of future generations. The sacrifice goes to the 3,000-plus killed and their families as well as the growing thousands maimed and wounded in the past four years.

The surge is another bad idea. It has gained little support in the public except from the hawks, who have been wrong from the start. Tony Blair is pulling out while Bush is escalating.

The president's plan for lowering healthcare costs is so complex that it is fodder for cartoonists. It is dead on arrival in Congress.

As for solving the immigration problem, Bush does propose one good idea–work permits for some otherwise illegals. The problem here is that right-wingers in his party consider this amnesty and oppose him in large numbers.

As for spending, Bush wants to cut some social and education programs while calling for fiscal restraint in Congress. Yet he wants huge amounts for spending to pay for the no-end-in-sight war.

Bush's ideas could doom the party in next year's elections.

Can you imagine John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, or Newt Gingrich campaigning on this slogan: "George W. Bush had some great ideas"?

I don't think so.