A Capital View

March 2007

A View on Bush Veto Powers

President Bush insists that he will oppose any date certain for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Bush gets angry when confronted with deadlines imposed by the Congress.

The president can accomplish this by vetoing any bill containing a withdrawal with the stroke of his veto pen. He has the ...

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Wild Goings-On in Nation's Capital

Is it any wonder that folks outside Washington think the nation's capital is a zoo?

Item: Three years after soldier Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire in Iraq, the Pentagon tried to come clean by naming high-ranking officers who bungled the matter.

At first, the Defense Department played up ...

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A Texan Thwarts Democracy for D.C.

Every civic-minded voting resident of Washington, D.C., should be willing to go next year to campaign for the Democratic opponent of GOP Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas. Or at least he or she should send money to that Democrat.

Of course, it may not help since the San Antonio white suburbs are a bastion ...

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Iraq Will Be in Chaos Whether We Stay or Go

The ardent supporters of the war in Iraq constantly tell us that there will be widespread chaos and bloodshed if U.S. troops leave the country.

Sen. John McCain is especially vocal on this point in his presidential campaign for the GOP nomination next year. Rep. Sam Johnson, Republican of Texas,

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In Senate Races, It's Time for Hardball

On Monday, the nation marks the fourth anniversary of the war in Iraq. There was no celebration to note the continuing conflict that has split the country asunder.

In Congress, the majority Democrats continue to struggle for a way to at least set a timetable for the return of U.S. troops.

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Gonzales Is on Borrowed Time

When a solid and thoughtful conservative like GOP Sen. John Sununu of New Hampshire tells the attorney general it is time to go, it is beyond time.

Alberto Gonzales has lost the support of about everyone except President Bush, and even he is not happy with him.

Gonzales can tough it out, but the ...

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Two GOP New Mexicans Must Go

In our last installment on the controversy surrounding Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, we needed to pay more attention to the behavior of New Mexico Republicans Sen. Pete Domenici and Rep. Heather Wilson.

Their intrusion into the pre-election probe of Wilson's Democratic opponent is just the ...

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Gonzales Rivals Rove as Chief Manipulator

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has fully demonstrated that he has become the most political law enforcer of the land since John Mitchell in those dark Watergate days of Richard Nixon's administration.

In Gonzales, the nation has a small-town lawyer in a big-time job. The dismissals of eight ...

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Steroid Issue Clouds Spring Training

CLEARWATER, Fla.–The boys of summer are in full spring training mode with the nagging problem of steroids still hanging over the sport.

However, George J. Mitchell, the individual charged with getting to the crux of the situation, may have something to say about it before the season starts in April.

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It's Libby's Time to Tell All

Vice President Cheney has become the most marginalized figure in the Bush administration. Even among many Republican loyalists, he has lost his already fading influence.

Even before the verdict in the Scooter Libby trial, Cheney was losing any heft with GOP-ers in Congress. Don't expect him to be a ...

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Ann Coulter, Wing-Nut Fraud

When any conservative group invites the venomously tongued Ann Coulter to speak, it is inviting trouble. She is crazed.

She lived up to her billing last week with an incredible attack on former Democratic Sen. John Edwards by implying that he was a "faggot." Thanks, Coulter, for making yourself the ...

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GOP: A Party of (Bad) Ideas

President Bush has a knack for providing good material for his critics with his own words. You can't make this up.

At a fundraiser for the Republican Governors Association, Bush said the GOP would regain the majority in 2008 because "it is the party of ideas."

I agree. Bad ideas.

Bush has just asked ...

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