A Capital View

January 2007

Bush Averts Ears to Bad Iraq News

The Bush White House and its right-wing allies apparently don't want to hear any bad news or differing opinions on Iraq. Talk about heads in the sand.

Their outlet of preference, of course, is Fox. On that channel, they are assured of comforting news and blistering attacks on critics. The news from ...

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Hagel Splits the Republican Ranks

There are two Republican parties operating in the nation's capital on the war in Iraq. One is led by President Bush and Vice President Cheney, the other by Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska.

Bush and Cheney seem intent on burying the party's interests in the mangled streets of Baghdad. Hagel wants fellow ...

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Bush Address: The Worst Came Last

President Bush saved the worst for last.

He was fully aware that a majority in the House chamber and an even stronger majority watching him on television are opposed to his latest "surge" in Iraq. He doesn't seem to care.

It was more of the same without the usual swagger. A more somber Bush still ...

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'08 Race: Top Tier Crowds Out the Also-Rans

The earlier-than-ever presidential race will become the longest ever with 14 contestants already in the chase.

Don't try to handicap all these entries because some of them won't even make it to the Iowa caucuses, still a year away. And a few more could get in.

Eight Democrats and six Republicans, by ...

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Don't Hurry, Hillary

If nothing else, Sen. Barack Obama's probable entry into the presidential race has hastened a decision by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton about her candidacy.

At the risk of annoying her loyal supporters, here is an opposing view from the analysts and bloviators who already have her in the race. Her ...

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Cheney: Prisoner to His Friendly Confines

In baseball, Wrigley Field in Chicago is referred to as the "friendly confines" for its cozy atmosphere and home run alley for the locals.

In politics, it is Fox News for Vice President Cheney for softball interviews and a surefire way to avoid any real grilling.

Cheney's latest trip to Fox's ...

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McCain's Political Gamble

In the early maneuvering for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008, the front-runner may be running a big risk. It will not be a smooth run for Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

McCain has staked out an outspoken position of calling for at least as many troops for Iraq as President Bush has ...

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20,000 More Targets in Iraq

For those many Iraqis who look on U.S. soldiers and marines as occupiers rather than liberators, President Bush has just handed them more than 20,000 reasons to challenge our "new" strategy.

The insurgents have maintained from the start that our forces are in their country to control their ...

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AEI's Iraq Plan: Blueprint for Failure

With President Bush about to reveal a "new" strategy in Iraq, the right-leaning American Enterprise Institute has placed its own plan on the table.

It is eye-popping in its breadth, not to mention its potential cost in blood and treasure. The highlights are these:

  • Seven brigades of new forces, or up ...
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    Pat Robertson's Absurdity Revealed Again

    Pat Robertson has become an embarrassment to legitimate evangelical Christians who are serious about their beliefs.

    In his latest public outburst, Robertson claims that God told him there would be a devastating attack on the United States late this year, possibly killing millions. The terrorists ...

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    For Ford, a Majestic but Simple Farewell

    John W. Mashek covered the White House for U.S. News during the Ford presidency.

    For the uncomplicated man from Grand Rapids, who wound up by accident in the Oval Office, his funeral service in the Washington National Cathedral was appropriate.

    It was solemn, yet a celebration of 93 years of a full ...

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