Pat Robertson's Absurdity Revealed Again


Pat Robertson has become an embarrassment to legitimate evangelical Christians who are serious about their beliefs.

In his latest public outburst, Robertson claims that God told him there would be a devastating attack on the United States late this year, possibly killing millions. The terrorists will be responsible for this horrific act, God told Robertson.


In recent years, Robertson's predictions have become sillier and stranger. Worse, he has made himself out to look foolish and even mean-spirited.

Since 1988, when Robertson ran for the GOP presidential nomination, he has immersed himself in public displays of rather weird predictions.

Only Robertson knows his true motives. Perhaps he is nursing a grudge over his failure in politics. He may be searching for a wider audience for his Christian Broadcasting Network in Virginia Beach. Or he may be seeking to appeal to those evangelicals who believe in prophecies.

Robertson's father, A. Willis Robertson, served as a Democratic senator from the Old Dominion. He was a product of the segregationist Byrd machine headed by the powerful Harry F. Byrd Sr. To my knowledge, his son has never ascribed to a virulent brand of racism.

But Robertson's venture into politics has been on the fringe right wing. And in recent years, he seems to be struggling for any degree of public attention.

The mainstream media and cable television outlets should just ignore him. I have advocated similar treatment for Rush Limbaugh.

Let them talk to each other. They deserve each other.