A Capital View

December 2006

D.A. in Hot Water Over Duke Rape Scandal

The runaway prosecutor in Durham, N.C., has been exposed for his dogged pursuit of the lacrosse players at Duke University. He has made a mess for himself.

The North Carolina Bar Association needs to take a long and careful look at his handling of this nationally covered and unsavory matter.

Are ...

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Ford: A Breath of Fresh Air

When President Richard Nixon was hunkering down in the White House during the gloomy days of the Watergate scandal, he once said in a disdainful tone: "Can you imagine Jerry Ford sitting in this chair?"

Yes, Mr. Nixon, the country could. And the more decent individual sat there for 29 months.

As a ...

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A Year of Bold but Absurd Statements

Here are some of my favorite quotes and moments of 2006:

1. Don Rumsfeld is the finest secretary of defense this nation has ever had.

–Vice President Cheney about his pal

I guess that's why Bush 43 fired him.

2. We will maintain control of the House as well as the Senate.

–President Bush and Karl Rove

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Who Isn't Running for President?

There must be something in the water in Washington. How else can you explain obscure politicians even thinking about running for president?

The latest would-be candidate is former Gov. Jim Gilmore of Virginia. A right-wing Republican, Gilmore has formed the usual exploratory committee because he ...

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Skilling's Fees: Why Hire a Lawyer?

The legal fees for convicted Enron executive Jeffrey Skilling remind us again of why lawyers are the subject of jokes and derision.

Don't get me wrong. Some of my best friends are lawyers. In Washington, you run into one on about every block. While I admit to laughing at some jokes about the ...

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Cold Water for the Obamarama Parade

The latest upheaval for voters to fathom is the sudden emergence of Democratic Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois as a promising presidential candidate.

Forgive me for pouring at least a little cold water on this development. Despite the media circus surrounding his first baby steps into a possible ...

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Early Returns: Handicapping '08

Here is an early look at the premature run for president in 2008 already underway.


Sen. John McCain

Plus: He has plenty of money, a prominent name, and experience after running in 2000.

Minus: Will the right wing, suspicious of his maverick manner in the past, turn to him?

Gov. Mitt Romney

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A Shameful Report on the Foley Affair

Once again the House ethics committee has failed to take a positive step in sending a clear message to the American people.

Instead, the bipartisan report on the Mark Foley scandal was a study in pitiful cowardice.

The committee recommended no penalty for anyone, including outgoing Speaker Dennis ...

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The Vanishing Veep

The forgotten man in the Bush administration is Vice President Cheney. He brought most of it on himself.

His standing is plunging with members of Congress as a whole, Democrats, some Republicans, and even zealots on the Christian right.

For the next two years, it appears he will be struggling to play ...

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