Six Years On, We Still Haven't Solved Our Ballot Problems


Have you had enough of voting glitches?

Within a few hours of voting on Tuesday, there were reports of problems with voting machines in Ohio and Indiana. Surely, there will be others.

It has been six years since the fiasco in Florida, undermining the faith of voters in whether their votes will be counted or not. The hanging chads were a nightmare and an embarrassment to Florida and the nation.

Florida promised the problems were in the past. Apparently, there are still worries. In Florida and elsewhere, we are still groping for answers. Problems are everywhere.

We are told in high school civics of the importance of the secret ballot in a democracy, leading to the election of our leaders. We have made that standard a joke.

It is time for a national voting system that is uniform for federal, state, and local elections. Hang the cost.

You can hear the protests already of some naysayers about the cost and the yielding of the states to the federals. But the states, or some of them, have failed miserably to ensure the electorate of an accurate count.

Let's wake up, Republicans, Democrats, and independents.