Republicans Still Run the South

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When the Congress passed the Voting Rights Bill in 1965, President Johnson said he had just delivered the South to the Republicans.

The returns in today's off-year election demonstrate that Johnson was right. Republicans continue to run well in the South.

But the Midwest and Northeast are a different story. Voters clearly voted against the war and President Bush.

Conservative commentators are trying to explain that many winning Democrats are more conservative on social issues. But they defeated even far more conservative Republicans and will be strong bread-and-butter advocates in Washington.

President Bush should prepare for a grinding two years of his second term. His team is going to be called on for far more accountability on their conduct of the war. It will not be a witch hunt but a probe that has not been undertaken by the GOP.

Scandal was another touchstone in a dozen seats. The Republicans paid a price for Jack Abramoff and his crooked way.

The old saying was Ohio is the key to the nation. Well, the state elected a Democratic governor, a Democratic senator, and turned over a few Republican House seats to Democrats. Ohio was a far cry from the state that elected Bush two years ago.