A Tip of the Hat to Exit Pollers

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Before the returns are even counted, give a smart vote and tip of the hat to the folks who handle the exit polls.

No information leaked out during the day as journalists and political junkies scrambled for even a rumor. The silence was marvelous.

Remember 2004, a debacle for the forecaster since a large number of minority votes were in the exit models. They were too large and presented an inaccurate weight to the Democrats.

At 4 p.m. on Election Day, President-elect Kerry was on his way to a significant victory. Four hours later, he was still the junior senator from Massachusetts.

Exit polls are an important tool for measuring the issues driving the election. However, they can be risky for calling elections.

After 2004, the exit polling class went back to the drawing board. They admitted the disaster.

Putting a lid on all the leakers until 5 p.m. Tuesday was a good move. It frustrated the echo chamber in Washington, but so what?

I heard several old-timers say, "I can't even get a good rumor."