A Capital View

November 2006

Bush's Library Needs a Harding Nook

The George W. Bush presidential library seems destined to go to Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

For starters, it is the alma mater of Laura Bush, which makes it a sentimental favorite. That should put it ahead of two other potential sites–Baylor University in Waco and the University of ...

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Patience Running Thin on Iraq

The war in Iraq has gone from bad to worse. And it's approaching the hopeless phase. The United States has now been involved longer than it battled World War II, and the sectarian war has become a civil war.

With that dire situation as a backdrop, President Bush is meeting Prime Minister (in name ...

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Black Friday on the Baseball Diamond

The malls may be full of shoppers this weekend, but Major League Baseball is also on a spending binge. So you'd better fasten your seat belts.

The Chicago Cubs started the expensive raid on free agents by signing Alfonso Soriano to an eye-popping eight-year, $136 million deal. All of the money is ...

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Bush's 'Bipartisan' Mirage

For President Bush, the new spirit of bipartisanship lasted just long enough for two photo ops with the new Democratic leaders in Congress.

We should have known. It is always the decider, not the unifier, in the White House. On most issues, Bush remains stubborn and relentless.

First, the president ...

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Democrats' Circular Firing Squads

It is an old truism in politics that Democrats prefer to form a firing squad in a circle. They've done it again, even before taking charge in the next Congress.

One week after their stunning victory and takeover of both houses of Congress, Democrats went to war–with one another.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi,

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Take a Hike, Karl

One of the best results of the 2006 elections was the shattering of Karl Rove's reputation as a political marvel.

Rove has made more excuses and alibis for the Republican losses than a football coach who has just lost a 49-0 game. He wants to blame scandals in the party and other extraneous reasons ...

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Final Thoughts About Blue Tuesday

A few leftovers from the election:

  • Right-wing fans of the right-wing-blowhard Rush Limbaugh should know he played a huge part in the Democratic takeover of the Senate.

Limbaugh's disgraceful mimicking of Michael J. Fox brought in a flurry of money givers to the campaign of Sen.-elect Claire ...

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Just an Electoral Blip? I Don't Think So

Will the conservative spinners please just give it up? You know who you are.

At least Charles Krauthammer has the gumption to call this a minor earthquake. But others are scrambling to minimize the takeover of the Democrats in Congress as if it were just a blip in the capital.

It was a national ...

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Rummy's Lesson: You Can't Go Back

The resignation of Don Rumsfeld at the Pentagon was no blockbuster as some described it. His departure could have been predicted; only the timing was a surprise.

In fact, some defeated House and Senate members wish he had done it much sooner. It would at least have given them a talking point in a ...

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The Election: Winners and Losers

Here are the winners and losers in the 2006 election. Let's start with the losers, because they are many:

President Bush: His plunge in popularity was a drag on Republicans, conservatives and moderates alike.

Vice President Dick Cheney and departing Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld: Since they are ...

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Republicans Still Run the South

When the Congress passed the Voting Rights Bill in 1965, President Johnson said he had just delivered the South to the Republicans.

The returns in today's off-year election demonstrate that Johnson was right. Republicans continue to run well in the South.

But the Midwest and Northeast are a different ...

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Fox News: the Republican Network

As the election results rolled in Tuesday night, Fox News showed anew that it is the Republican network.

The panel of so-called experts, directed by anchor Brit Hume, found every excuse to explain the Democratic takeovers in the House and Senate. It was pitiful.

The motto of Fox–we report, you ...

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Six Years On, We Still Haven't Solved Our Ballot Problems

Have you had enough of voting glitches?

Within a few hours of voting on Tuesday, there were reports of problems with voting machines in Ohio and Indiana. Surely, there will be others.

It has been six years since the fiasco in Florida, undermining the faith of voters in whether their votes will be ...

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A Tip of the Hat to Exit Pollers

Before the returns are even counted, give a smart vote and tip of the hat to the folks who handle the exit polls.

No information leaked out during the day as journalists and political junkies scrambled for even a rumor. The silence was marvelous.

Remember 2004, a debacle for the forecaster since a ...

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Election Eve Bid for Civility on the Hill

As voters go to the polls today, they should hold the two parties

accountable to the words on election eve by former congressional leadersTom Daschle and Dick Armey. Appearing on the News Hour With Jim Lehrer,

Democrat Daschle and Republican Armey were a study in civility. No angryexchanges were ...

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Is a Nightmare Unfolding?

It is the final lap for election 2006, to cite one cliché. Even junkies like this writer are exhausted.

Yes, it has been one of the nastier campaigns. No, it isn't the worst in the nation's recent history of negative TV ads saturating daily programming with a tinge of personal defamation ...

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