A Capital View

October 2006

Time to Ignore Limbaugh

It is high time for the mainstream media to just ignore Rush Limbaugh, the egotistical, right-wing bloviator of radio and TV infamy.

Truth be told, Limbaugh delights in getting his name mentioned in the mass-circulation newspapers.

So why not pay no more attention to his blathering? He deserves it.

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This Year, Not All Politics Are Local

Former Speaker of the House "Tip" O'Neill once said prophetically that "all politics are local." He was right, of course, with this exception: When a national issue overtakes those local concerns, forget about it.

In 1966, the voters turned on Democrats because of Vietnam and Lyndon Johnson's ...

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Memo for the President: Hire Bill O'Reilly

Mr. President, I have a suggestion for you, although I recognize you will reject it from a consistently unfriendly source.

Virtually everyone seems to agree that Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld will either leave or be shoved out after the ballots are counted in November. It seems everyone close ...

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Would Democrats Be Half as Bad?

As the off-year elections approach, the Republicans are turning up the fear factor against the opposition.

First, it was fear that Democrats were defeatists and weak on safety from terrorists at our doorstep.

That may have worked in 2004, but it doesn't seem to be catching any fire this time.

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No Gun Talk at School Safety Summit

The Bush administration went into its public relations mode again last week in its hastily called conference on armed mayhem in the nation's schools.

The president put in a cameo appearance, but that was it. There was no discussion of the real problem–too many guns in the hands of out-of-control ...

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We Need New Democratic Contenders

The departure of former Gov. Mark Warner of Virginia from the presidential chase is a blow to moderate Democrats who looked forward to a lively race for the nomination.

Warner, a self-made millionaire businessman, was a highly successful governor of a bright-red state. The state hasn't gone for a ...

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Tony Snow's October Folly

The Republicans have unleashed a secret weapon on the campaign trail this month. Call it an October surprise or, in my judgment, an October folly.

Tony Snow, the White House press secretary, is out on the hustings, speaking and raising money for a party in deep doo-doo, as George H. W. Bush would ...

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North Korea and the Risk of Rattling Sabers

North Korea is acting up again at a time when the United States is seriously bogged down in Iraq and finding new resistance from the Taliban in Afghanistan. To make matters worse, the political scene for the Bush administration has hit a new low, according to the latest polls.

Whether the North ...

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Iraq's Dueling Story Lines

Two different takes on how things are going in Iraq:

  • Sen. John Warner, Republican of Virginia and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, returns from Iraq and reports that the government there is in grave danger of losing control in the capital. He is decidedly downbeat.
  • Secretary of State ...
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    GOP House must look at its past to guide its future

    Some Republicans are upset about the failure of leadership in the House under J. Dennis Hastert of Illinois. To make a comparison, they only need to look at past GOP House leaders, who were decent individuals and honest brokers.

    Take Jerry Ford, later to become president after Richard Nixon ...

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    A 'bipartisan' investigation of the Foley affair?

    In all the steady stream of ink spilled into the rancid sea now known as the Foley affair, none is more disingenuous and telling than one word so cavalierly thrown into the mix in the dark of night: bipartisan.

    In an effort to sop up the mess so the gathering waves would stop lapping at his ...

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