A Capital View

September 2006

'Stone Age' Armitage's crumbling story

In the current dispute between former Bush administration higher-up Richard Armitage and Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf, I'll take the Pakistani.

Rich Armitage, the former Navy officer with a bodybuilder's frame, likes to be depicted as a tough guy. He is fully capable of making the quote ...

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Bush plays two fear cards: terrorism and taxes

President Bush and the Republican Party are depending on the politics of fear and higher taxes to overcome widespread voter upset with administration conduct of the war in Iraq and other less alarming problems.

It may work if the electorate doesn't see through this 11th-hour attempt to overlook the ...

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The WSJ editorial page: blind to corporate campaign money

There is too much media bashing these days, especially in the media themselves and largely from right-wing sources finding fault with the "mainstream media."

But the Wall Street Journal editorial page leaves me no choice. It can be counted on to cross the line on a regular basis to earn some ...

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Six years later, another Florida fiasco awaits

Voters should be outraged that the balloting system in this nation is unreliable. Six years after the fiasco in Florida, we continue to look for an answer. This vital arm of our democracy still has problems.

Human and machine problems persist. An important congressional election is weeks away, and ...

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Fritz Mondale's solace

MINNEAPOLIS–If you want to find a retired politician who is happy, thriving, and engaged, say hello to Walter F. Mondale.

Yes, that's the same former Sen. and Vice President Walter Mondale, who lost 49 states to President Ronald Reagan in 1984. To be sure, Fritz Mondale was confronting strong ...

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In Dakota politics, abortion and death penalty dominate

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.–Some unusual battles are taking place in the northern prairies at the ballot box and in the jury box.

South Dakotans will be voting this fall on an antiabortion referendum that is starting to heat up emotions inthe electorate. The outcome is in doubt, say political observers in the ...

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Hey, I'm a bipartisan basher

Friends tell me I'm always ripping the Bush administration and Republicans generally. They are wrong.

As an example, the Democratic leaders made a mistake by sending that letter to the president calling for a new policy in Iraq. It came across as a political stunt, and it was one.

Any ...

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Hypocrites and GOP values

Just when you thought Republicans couldn't say or do anything worse than in the past few months, two of them stepped over the line with gusto.

I'm talking about former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Kenneth Y. Tomlinson, chair of the Broadcast Board of Governors, which controls Voice of ...

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