A Capital View

July 2006

Pennsylvania: a keystone to anti-Bush sentiment

PHILADELPHIA--If there is a strong anti-Bush earthquake on election night this fall across the country, a major indicator is likely to be in Pennsylvania.

The best-case scenario for the Democrats in the Keystone State: Defeat incumbent GOP Sen. Rick Santorum, re-elect Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell, and ...

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Bush's two-sided world--you're with us or you're a terrorist

I'm glad that democracy is my choice of government. If not, I guess some would think I had to be a terrorist in the president's view.

Democracy versus terrorism--that was the implication of President Bush's tone in a joint press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki.

The president's ...

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Great Republicans of yore wouldn't recognize their party

In his speech to the NAACP last week, President Bush lamented that the Republican Party was out of sync with African-American voters. Little wonder about that, Mr. President.

It is easily explained. The Republicans in high office have been the consistent barriers to legislation in Congress to aid ...

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Bush's shameful veto

President Bush's veto of the stem cell research bill is more than a political loss for Republicans. It was a move of ignorance, selecting darkness over light and squashing the dreams of those with debilitating illnesses and their loved ones.

After threatening many times to veto legislation over the ...

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Hey, global-warming doubters: Come to Alaska

Sitka, Alaska—Among the spectacular beauty of the glacier fields in Alaska, it is a discomfort to think of the impact of global warming.

Here is some stunning evidence: The glaciers are melting as much in five years as they did in 100 years in the previous century. These wonders will still be around ...

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McCain – a maverick or a mainstream Republican?

Will the real John McCain stand up and be recognized?

Judging from appearances, quotes, and even body language, the senior senator from Arizona is giving up some of his independent-minded mantra.

McCain, the Republican who gave George W. Bush some early fits in the 2000 primaries, is running for ...

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DeLay pulls off the perfect theft

Tom DeLay, the departed Republican House leader, has to be given full credit for pulling off the perfect political theft. He knew what he was doing.

It was DeLay who maneuvered the redistricting of Texas in 2004 that gave the Republicans six more seats in the House. The loss to the Democrats ...

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Tolerance? I don't think so

In honor of Independence Day week, I told friends that I should try to be more tolerant of others. Tolerance is in short supply in Washington these days. Intolerance and anger are more in vogue.

So here is an attempt at tolerance.

Take Ann Coulter, the propaganda doyenne of the right. In her latest ...

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