A Capital View

May 2006

Lloyd Bentsen: a truly great man

The term "great man" is thrown around far too much in Washington, but Sen. Lloyd Bentsen, a Texas Democrat, who died Tuesday at 85, fit that label.

Of course, he wasn't perfect. But no one is in politics. Bentsen was a giant in the Senate during his tenure there. In his presence, you knew this was ...

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Memo to House Democrats: Drop Jefferson

House Democratic leaders shouldn't wait another day to denounce Rep. William Jefferson, a Louisiana Democrat, and call sternly for his resignation. Time is not on their side.

Up to now the Democrats have held the upper hand on the scandal issue leading into the fall elections. The bribes accepted by ...

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Right flank hobbles Bush on immigration

The immigration issue in Congress has touched many raw nerves across the country, with no end in sight.Any compromise on a new law seems distant now unless President Bush can find a way for compromise with conservatives in his own party in the House.

The fight in Congress has also unveiled some ...

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The strange side effects of presidential disease

The late Rep. Morris "Mo" Udall, an Arizona Democrat, used to say that embalming fluid was the only real cure for politicians with presidential disease. He had it, too, in 1976, when he lost to Jimmy Carter, so he knows all about its potency.

Udall, who wrote a book titled Too Funny to Be President,

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Cheney needs a Wyoming lesson in civility

The lack of civility in the nation's capital, especially in Congress, has been a topic of concern for the past few years. The hostility on Capitol Hill is so rampant that there seems to be no solution in a country also bitterly divided into "blue" states and "red" states in the past two ...

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Handicapping for '08

Since this is the horse-race season, let's examine the talked-about prospects for president in both parties since the jockeying for 2008 is already under way. The field is huge now, but it will dwindle long before the first caucus in Iowa and the first primary in New Hampshire.

Charlie Cook, the ...

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Shaking up Congress, on both sides of the aisle

As low as George W. Bush's numbers are in the polls, he can still look down: Congress fares even worse in virtually every survey. The latest Gallup reading gives Congress a 23 percent approval rating, the lowest in many years. So one would think leaders in both parties should see the need for ...

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Democrats—one step at a time, please

This is a surprise for Republican readers: Read on, and you'll see criticism of Democrats this time. Yes, it is unusual.

According to the Washington Post, Democratic leaders in the House are already planning for a takeover of the chamber next year, and they have an agenda in place. It includes ...

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Democrats should pin down the GOP on immigration

After the nation's immigrants have remarkably demonstrated their power in numbers on the streets of the nation and in the workplace, they are talking about moving on to the ballot box.

But will they?

Their record of participation up to now in elections has been dismal, especially among Hispanics, the ...

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It's bumper-strip season

When election seasons roll in every two years, the bumper strips come out. And while it is still early in the 2006 off-year voting, favorite slogans can be spotted on the rears of cars.

This year, the Democrats, hoping to capitalize on President Bush's fading numbers in the polls, can be seen with ...

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