A Capital View

April 2006

Journal editorial pollutes Earth Day

Earth Day has come and gone, but not before the editorial staff of the Wall Street Journal took a clumsy swing at it. To the surprise of no one who knows the Journal's political leanings, the real target was former Vice President Al Gore. He has always been a favorite punching bag of the Journal.

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Bush makes changes ... or does he?

Unless there is a dramatic shift in the next few weeks, the changes so far in the Bush White House are largely cosmetic. Aides and chairs are being moved around, but there is no indication a stubborn president is ready to make any real policy changes at home or abroad.

Josh Bolten will be a more ...

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Keystone State could be key to Senate control

PHILADELPHIA–No state is more important to Democrats in this year's off-year election than Pennsylvania.

Of all the Republican-held seats in the Senate coveted by the opposition, none is more so than the one held by Sen. Rick Santorum. Democrats are eager to send him home. For them, he is target No.

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Bush the elder's task: fire Rummy

In the matter of whether Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld should stay at the Pentagon or retire to the good life: Former President George H. W. Bush should step in and tell him it's time to step aside.

Recall that it was George W. Bush himself who issued the tough talk to John Sununu, then chief ...

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Hold your horses in the presidential race

The 2008 presidential election is a distant 31 months away, and horse-race polls are already starting to appear in the media. Shame on us.

Will my brethren in the press please cease and desist for at least the next eight months or so? Every four years after a blizzard of polls preceding the ...

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Tom DeLay: a record-setting spinner

The gold medal for political spinner of 2006 has already been retired. And the winner is: former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas, the soon-to-be-retired Hammer of the House.

Only the brazen DeLay could announce his resignation and tie it to God's will. Sorry, Tom, God may act in strange ...

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A press licks its wounds and presses on

MURFREESBORO, Tenn.–The press has inflicted deep wounds on itself in recent years, but not all is wrong or lost in the media. That was the message in a three-day conference here on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University.

Mary Mapes, the CBS producer who was fired over her role in a 60 ...

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Media critics need to look in the mirror

Leave it to the right wing to cross the preposterous line just when you think it reached that point long ago.

The Media Research Center, an outfit dedicated to proving that every story in the newspapers or on TV is slanted left, every year hands out its DisHonors Award. The master of ceremonies ...

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How war trumps abortion

A recent survey by Maryknoll magazine, a journal published by a Roman Catholic missionary group, responded to an editorial calling for a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

The response to the editorial reflected the sharp division in the country, not just among Catholics but among all Americans ...

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