Duo's antics signal U-turn on Democrats' comeback trail


Liberals should be embarrassed this week by the antics of antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan and former Attorney General Ramsey Clark.

Leave it to far-left Democrats to mar what seems to be a comeback season for the party's congressional candidates this fall.

Sheehan has lost a son to the war. Compassion for her loss is deserved and understood. But the TV cameras have given her a celebrity status and it has gone to her head.Those interviews outside the president's ranch in Crawford gave her too much TV time and strained her judgment.

First, she visits leftist President Hugo Chávez in Venezuela to recruit him for the antiwar effort in the United States. A silly move.

Then she sends up flares that she may symbolically oppose Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California in the party primaries. A stupid move.

Senator Feinstein has been a distinguished lawmaker, one the Republicans have no chance of defeating unless she is roughed up in a primary.

Ramsey Clark may mean well, but he is a far cry from the lawyer I knew and covered as a reporter in Dallas a half century ago. Clark was a buttoned-down lawyer, a capable counsel representing corporations for the most part in the Dallas County Courthouse.

I ran into him next in the Kennedy administration when he headed the lands division at the Justice Department. I stopped by his office to interview him about Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy's newsworthy department. After John Kennedy's assassination, Lyndon Johnson eventually named Clark the nation's top lawyer.

My theory is that Clark, the son of Supreme Court Justice Tom Clark, was stung by reports that he was LBJ's flunky. This was during the divisive days of the war in Vietnam and those reports had to hurt.

When LBJ left office, Clark moved to New York and has represented a succession of leftists and outcasts. He currently is part of the defense team for Saddam Hussein in Iraq, hardly welcoming news back home.

Sheehan and Clark were together this week in a news conference to call for President Bush's impeachment. Fox News loved it. I'm certain Rush Limbaugh, G. Gordon Liddy, Ann Coulter, and other right wing extremists loved it, too.

I didn't.