A Capital View

February 2006

The Senate's blowhards and brains

Back in the mid-1970s, Sen. William Scott, a Virginia Republican, called a press conference to deny a magazine charge that he was the dumbest member of the Senate.

Of course, calling the press conference was a really dumb idea, since it only brought attention to an otherwise obscure story. Scott was ...

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Shooting secretiveness is part of a Cheney pattern

Once the jokes and laughter subside over Dick Cheney's errant shooting in South Texas, there are serious matters at hand.

The vice president has revealed once more his penchant for secretiveness, his undeniable arrogance, and his tendency toward embarrassing behavior. Even Republicans are squirming ...

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A winner from the Old Dominion

With the 2008 presidential election still more than two years away, the Democrats seem to be preparing to lose again after losing seven of the past 10.


Many think that power, status, or even name identification count more than winning. Going down in flames, no matter how close, is a distant ...

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Swann's long run

It could be a long game with no gain for Lynn Swann.

Lynn Swann, the great wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers and currently a network sports announcer, is running for governor in Pennsylvania. Swann, a Republican, probably thinks his big name in the sports world will help him through a ...

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Status quo for lobbyists dons reformers' clothing

Which political party is really serious about reforming the practice of lobbyist money going to members of Congress?

The evidence was clear in the latest issue of National Journal. Hint: It is not the Republicans.

The magazine asked 70 members of Congress, a representative group of 35 Democrats and ...

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Duo's antics signal U-turn on Democrats' comeback trail

Liberals should be embarrassed this week by the antics of antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan and former Attorney General Ramsey Clark.

Leave it to far-left Democrats to mar what seems to be a comeback season for the party's congressional candidates this fall.

Sheehan has lost a son to the war.

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Cheney's holiday hypocrisy

President Bush was only seconds into his State of the Union speech Tuesday night when we saw our first sign of blatant hypocrisy.

After Bush paid a lofty tribute to the late Coretta Scott King, Republicans and Democrats alike rose in applause. Behind the president, so did Vice President Cheney. He ...

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