Democrats' Tax Rebellion Shows They Don't Live in the Real World

They're balking because the president did exactly what voters demanded?


Democrats, and House Democrats in particular, are bent out of shape because of the tax compromise President Obama made with Republicans. With all their screaming, you would be forgiven if you forgot they won a key concession from Republicans--extended unemployment.

Republicans were no saints when they were in the majority. And because of their own unsportsmanlike conduct, Democrats will be relegated to minority status come 2011. Democrats lost more than 60 seats in the House. They re-elected Nancy Pelosi as their leader. And now they are balking because the president did exactly what the voters demanded?

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Republicans did not want the extension on unemployment benefits. The government cannot simply continue to fund those who are out of work indefinitely. This is cold and cruel, but it’s a reality. If the unemployment payments continue in perpetuity, America’s economic future will be as stable as employment is today. In order for the system to work and correct itself, Americans can’t use the government as a crutch.

But the reality is that, with so many millions of Americans out of work, extending unemployment is a necessary evil. That’s the Republican/conservative bitter pill to swallow.

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Now it’s time for the House Democrats to grin and bear it too. Leading economists have said that if the tax cuts expire, Americans will face serious economic difficulties come January 1, 2011.  

Voters screamed loud and clear on Election Day that they are sick and tired of the way Washington does business. They want compromise, and that’s exactly what this bill is.

Less than six weeks ago, Democrats lost the precious independent vote to Republicans. Both parties want these voters come 2012, and so does Obama. Too bad the House Democrats are so narrow-minded. Clearly they don’t live in the real world where no one can afford to have their taxes go up in 22 days.

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