Mary Kate Cary

December 2012

What Government Can and Can't Do About the Newtown Shooting

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This time last week, we just starting to learn about the awful shooting in Newtown, Conn. As the terrible news unfolded over the next several days, there was an understandable reaction that "somebody needs to do something" to stop this from ever happening again. Like so many times before, that ...

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gun control and gun rights
mental health
video games

Obama Doesn't Have Leverage in Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

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The White House is engaged in a very public campaign to win grassroots support for raising tax rates on the wealthiest Americans—on various days this week, the president held a twitter chat on the subject, met with governors and CEOs, and visited a middle class family. It seems to be the only thing ...

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Democratic Party
Republican Party
House of Representatives
fiscal cliff
deficit and national debt
Obama, Barack
Boehner, John

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