Mary Kate Cary

November 2012

On Fiscal Cliff, Obama Should Learn From Bush’s 1990 Tax Hike

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Those of us who were in the Bush 41 White House during the 1990 budget deal recall it well. There was this three-sentence announcement of the bipartisan agreement posted on the wall of the press office on June 26, 1990:

I met this morning with the bipartisan leadership—the Speaker, the Senate ...

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Obama, Barack
deficit and national debt
federal budget
Bush, George H.W.
fiscal cliff

How Republicans Can Start to Fix Their Women Problem

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Like many Republicans, I was surprised that President Obama was re-elected. Unlike some Republicans who think nothing need change in our party, I believe there's now an opportunity to improve its image with voters. "What Republicans need to learn is, how do we speak to all Americans? You know, not ...

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Republican Party
Rodgers, Cathy McMorris
Hutchison, Kay Bailey
Akin, Todd
female voters

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