Barack Obama Thinks Women Are Stupid

Barack Obama thinks women won't notice his demonizing of Mitt Romney, his sexist campaign ad, or the rising threat of the fiscal cliff.

President Obama in Columbus, Ohio.

Have you seen the latest Obama campaign ad, the one in which Lena Dunham, the creator of HBO's Girls, compares voting for Obama to women losing their virginity? Imagine if a man had made that ad, or if it had been made for the Romney campaign—the outrage from the left would be off the charts. Let's hope Mrs. Obama and their daughters don't see it.  I don't want my girls to see it. It's degrading to young women, to say the least.

It's ironic that on the campaign trail, the president's latest stump speech warns that Mitt Romney is about to "turn back the clock 50 years for women," especially after running an ad like that one. The president said in Virginia yesterday that unlike his opponent, "I believe women are capable and should make their own healthcare decisions for themselves." How condescending can he get? Does he not realize that women not only are "capable" of making healthcare decisions, but that we make 85 percent of all the healthcare decisions in this country? We also make the lion's share of the financial decisions in our families, comprise more than half of the workforce, start the majority of new businesses, and vote in far greater numbers than men do. 

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According to the latest polls, Mitt Romney has effectively closed the gender gap. That's why the Obama campaign is hitting the panic button, talking about abortion and "healthcare choices" at every stop. Obama needs women in swing states to return to the Democrats if they're going to win. The problem is that they think women are stupid. That sounds harsh, but it's true: Democrats are counting on women not noticing that we face a fiscal cliff immediately after the election. Ladies, pay no attention to today's report from the National Association of Manufacturers that says the prospect of the fiscal cliff has already wiped out 1 million jobs this year alone, and if nothing is done, will destroy nearly 6 million jobs through 2014 and send the unemployment rate to nearly 12 percent. So far the president has done nothing and offered up no plan for the future. And let's try to distract the women from the fact that 80 CEOs recently signed a letter to both candidates asking for Simpson-Bowles style reforms, something the president has walked away from repeatedly as our national debt explodes. And whatever you do, don't let the girls know that we're facing automatic, massive defense cuts that will cripple our armed forces. The millions of women who serve in the military or support family members who do might realize there's a problem with re-electing President Obama. That is, he has no plan to avert the fiscal cliff, which is a result of legislation that he signed into law in the first place.

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The more Democrats talk about "reproductive rights" and "healthcare choices" while demeaning young women in ads—instead of dealing with the catastrophic fiscal crisis ahead—the more women will vote Republican. No woman likes to be patronized, and that's what Obama is doing.

Does the Obama campaign think women are stupid? To women like me, it sure looks like it.

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